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Dr. Weinstein practiced medicine for over fifty years, specializing in obesity for the last fifteen years.

He earned his Medical Doctorate at Marquette University shortly before serving his country in the European Theater of World War II as a captain in the Rainbow Division. Only days before the war ended, he participated in the liberation of the Buchenwald concentration camp and cared for, in his own words, "243 starved, tortured, diseased bodies that were once men." As a young Jewish doctor, this experience had a profound effect on him. He dedicated his life to providing medical care, being a loving husband and father, and becoming the center of an extensive circle of family and friends. His office was located in Asbury Park, NJ, where he practiced since 1947. He never ceased his medical studies, attending seminars and conferences throughout his life, yet he also found the time to pursue his other great interests: world travel, classical music and the arts, and the American Civil War, of which he was a scholar.

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