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Dr. Weinstein passed away Wednesday, September 10, 1997, after more than fifty years of dedicated medical service. He was a pioneer in insulin resistant obesity, a loving father, and a most generous human being, known widely and affectionately as Obbie. He served his country in the Rainbow Division in World War II and his community of Asbury Park, NJ, since 1947. This web site was one of his last endeavors, and it will be maintained by his loving family in tribute to him and to his work. We invite all who knew and loved Dr. Weinstein and/or benefitted from his care to contribute their poetry, reflections, anecdotes, or other material (email queries to In Memoriam). All of the medical advice presented herein is his. He would be touched if it were of benefit to any who visit his site, and, in this way, his work lives on. Thank you.

In Tribute to Dr. Weinstein

Dunvegan Castle Gardens, Isle of Skye, Scotland Health is our natural condition. However, the stresses of our lives can tend to pull us out of our natural healthy condition.

These stresses can include disease, physical disfunction, injury, and job-related or lifestyle-related factors. Eating disorders, obesity, and related conditions may result from a combination of such factors. However, Dr. Weinstein was particularly concerned with insulin resistance as a major cause of undesirable excess body fat, and he practiced insulin resistance therapy and lectured on the subject for over a decade.

Please note: The information provided on this site is intended for general purposes only, and should not be construed in any way as definitive or binding medical advice. Because each person is medically different, individuals should see their personal physicians for specific information and/or treatment.

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