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The Open Field

How across the open field
the heart cries, Release!
Free from sorrow and suffering
and all frailty surcease

Our mortal coil cast away,
in light our raiment beó
Arisen in our spirit home
no human eye can see.

All loved ones gathered close,
here in the toiling field,
bid farewell to one now gone
where light is not concealed.

He has found a deeper home,
this world has slipped away;
as night is scattered by the dawn,
he turns to a brighter day.

Who knows what he will find beyond,
but peace for his great heartó
Let us bid him his soul's rest
as this world he departs.

And we now left in this green world,
our gaze upon tomorrow,
find comfort in his memory
who has gone where none can follow.

    © Ernest E. Black, II (son-in-law)

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