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Donovan's Beat Cafe At Joe's Pub July 29, 2004


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"The journey leads to where you've always been." - Donovan

Concert Set List

  • enchanted gypsy
  • catch the wind
  • ballad of geraldine
  • summer day reflection song
  • colours
  • sunshine superman
  • beat cafe (new)
  • love floats (new)
  • lalenya
  • yin my yang (new)
  • eldorado
  • lake isle of innisfree
  • poetry
  • universal soldier
  • poormans sunshine (new)
  • do not go gentle (new)
  • lord of the universe (new)
  • mellow yellow
  • season of the witch
  • there is a mountain
  • beat cafe (reprise)

Ernie's Reviews

Beat Cafe: the Album

This is far more of a back-to-the-roots album than a casual fan might realize, as Don early on brought together strands of folk, jazz, and blues; he was really more of a folk-jazz artist than a folk-rock artist, and in Beat Cafe he captures that smoky, jazzy, bluesy, folk and beat milieu brilliantly. (more...)

Beat Cafe: the Joe's Pub Concerts, Thursday July 29, 2004

Donovan's progression from folk to folk-jazz-blues fusion comes very clear in the concerts, which open with a set of his finest early folk songs (Summer Day Reflection Song, Ballad of Geraldine, the ubiquitous Catch the Wind), just him and his guitar. But then the mood shifts, the lights go low, and Don shifts into storyteller mode to introduce the second phase not only of the concert but of his musical career: his mid-60s late night jam sessions with London-based jazz musicians. Out comes Candy John Carr, the venerable beatnik who played the bongos for Don back in the day, bongos and other percussion in tow. (more...)


The Gallery is coming, but in the meantime, here are some quick photolinks to pics taken by several people at the concert, including yours truly. Proper credit coming!

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