Donovan at the Rattlesnake Ranch Cafe
Donovan at the Rattlesnake Ranch Cafe (photo: Linda)

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Hello to all my fellow Catch the Wind brothers and sisters, especially those of us who met at the Rattlesnake Ranch Cafe on October 5, 2002! Are we all still floating like lemon peels in the starry night? Or have our feet yet to touch the grass?

CTW Friends
CTW Friends (photo: Linda)

For all of you who did not have the infinite good fortune to attend the concert At the Tabernacle with Donovan, you missed an amazing show and an even more incredible pre-show chat with the man himself. There we all were, eating Mexican food and sharing our Donovan stories, when Dono himself walked up to our tables on the patio at the Rattlesnake Ranch Cafe. He sat down right next to my wife (I was one chair over) and poked her in the arm, saying "this is going to be great". He gave her a big hug, and gave big hugs and kisses to just about everyone.

Donovan and Mary Black
Donovan with Mary Black (photo: Gantley)

Donovan and Ernie Black
Donovan with Ernie Black (photo: Gantley)

Stories, chatting, autographs, photos, Donovan gave everyone his full attention....

Donovan signs Karen's Dry Songs and Scibbles
Donovan signs Karen's book (photo: Linda)

Donovan and Linda
Donovan with Linda (photo: Tammy)

And wonder of wonders, Donovan did not merely sign three young men's white Donovan t-shirts, but drew stories on them in his wonderful cartoony style, telling the stories as he drew.

Donovan illustrates a t-shirt
Donovan illustrates a t-shirt (photo: Linda)

Donovan illustrates a t-shirt
Donovan illustrates a t-shirt (photo: Linda)


Donovan at the Rattlesnake
Donovan at the Rattlesnake with Tammy (photo: Steve Dolnick)

Donovan, Karen, and LadyO
Donovan, Karen, and LadyO (photo: Linda)

This all went on for an hour or more (someone who's head was more temporally focused can correct me and give the actual time) before he had to leave to go back up the hill to At the Tabernacle and get ready for the show. We all talked more, then made our way up the hill to wait in line for the concert.

Donovan gesturing
Donovan at CTW Table (photo: Karen)

Donovan with Walter
Donovan with Walter (photo: Karen)

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