IT Professionals: Resumes and Links

IT Professionals: Resumes and Links

Welcome to the resumes of IT professionals in eastern Massachusetts and central North Carolina. We are posting our resumes to assist people in our geographic regions who might want to reach us to discuss job opportunies or to ask about people we know who are available to interview for jobs.


Ernest Black
Web Developer
Cold Fusion, Photoshop, HTML, dynamic web site design. Based in Boston MetroWest, Massachusetts

Diane Brunnett
Business Analyst, Client Services Representative Based in Central Massachusetts

Central North Carolina

Ceil Shuman
Technical Writer
Online Help development, documentation design, software training, and executive consultation.

Candee Hellberg
Senior Information Communicator
Documentation design, software installation and training, and consultation.

Robert Hall
Surface Mount Technician
Fuji programming, maintenance, and process development.