This is a poem I wrote in memory of my beloved father, Edwin Ernest Black, who was born in Limerick, Maine in November 1922 and passed away in Wilmington, North Carolina during the cold short days of March 2000. I have created this memorial page in observance of the first anniversary of his passing. His presence is with us still.

The Dark Sky Brightens

All along the granite ledge
the waves crash into shore--
while twilight silver streaks the sky,
I see not less, but more:

I see my father standing there,
his gaze upon us all--
his red hair tussled by the wind,
his ear, to a distant call.

The moon above his left shoulder,
the stars above his right--
a silhouette against the darkling sky,
his eyes yet full of light.

Teacher, mason, scout he was,
brother, father, husband, more--
shadows of his presence cast--
he opened many doors.

Now on the final threshold--
by the endless rolling sea--
with the silence of a fading breath, he
slips into eternity.

I want to cry out, please don't go,
stay with us another day--
but eternal life has beckoned,
and he once more shows the way.

- Ernest Edwin Black, II