Ernest Black

73 Conrad Road
Marlborough, MA 01752



Exceptional front-end Web development, page layout, graphic design, and site management skills cultivated in fast-paced corporate environments. Proficient in HTML and PHP site and application development, image editing, and creating dynamic Web sites using PHP, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS and other technologies. Professional photographer, 35mm and digital formats, flatbed scanning, and digital photo editing. Outstanding writing skills with numerous publications.


1/96-Present Standing Stone Designs, Marlborough, Massachusetts

Huge Universe Inc. (Universal Concept, Inc.) San Francisco, CA (office: Marlborough, MA)
Webmaster, pro audio industry Web community

  • Site development and maintenance, template design, Web marketing strategies
  • Web site design and templating to deploy modular, easily updated sites
  • Develop, design and maintain multiple client web sites as virtual host and webmaster including
  • Primary front-end development and presentation for online applications including forums, classifieds, 3000+ link directory, and virtual web expo booths
  • Build and refine stylesheets for all sites
  • Produce PHP-driven forms
  • Create and optimize web graphics
  • Manage web users and servers
  • Provide tech support for all company employees and clients
  • Generate and analyze weekly and monthly Web metrics reports using Urchin software for multiple site profiles


Idiom Technology, Inc. Waltham, Massachusetts
Webmaster, e-Business globalization software company

  • Responsible for ASP development, template design, site maintenance, graphics creation, and Web marketing strategies
  • Designed new Web site layout and templates for proposed 2001 launch
  • Converted site from HTML/SHTML to ASP utilizing include files, scripting, conditional logic, DHTML layers, and stylesheets
  • Moved Web architecture to a 3-tier system (development, staging/translation, production)
  • Facilitated translation of site into multiple languages using Idiom WorldServer technology
  • Developed online forms-based lead management system including internal distribution, e-mail autoresponders, and lead tracking
  • Generated and analyzed weekly and monthly Web metrics reports using WebTrends software
  • Developed Globalization Tip of the Day promotional program for launch of WorldWise Web portal

09/97-06/00 Applix, Inc. Westboro, Massachusetts
Web Developer, CRM and OLAP e-business software company
      Webmaster, 12/99 - 06/00
  • Primary responsibility for Web site development and maintenance for Marketing Department
  • Coordinated interdepartmental Web projects and developed special projects using Cold Fusion, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and related technologies
  • Developed Cold Fusion-based ApplixWorld 2000 Web site to promote and support the Applix 2000 International Users Conference

  • Web Developer, 06/98 - 12/99
  • Responsible for HTML and Cold Fusion-based Web site development and maintenance, graphics, and Web marketing initiatives
  • Integrated corporate databases with intranet and Internet Web sites using Cold Fusion to dynamically generate Web pages based on conditional logic, database interactions, and server-side includes

  • Web Editor Specialist, 09/97 - 06/98
  • Performed multiple browser, crossplatform testing on Windows 9x/NT, MacIntosh, and Unix workstations
  • Converted technical and marketing collateral to HTML and PDF formats

11/91-7/96 Graphic Arts Director, Clix Products, Inc., Natick, Massachusetts
  • Directed all graphic arts and desktop publishing for manufacturer of school, home and office products including sales and marketing collateral and logo imprinting on products
  • Developed step-and-repeat solution for logo line art reproduction for ad specialty products including unique 42-image sheet of paper clips
  • Responsible for all logo scanning, image editing, and high resolution output
  • Liaison with service bureaus for prepress and final product
  • Coordinated art and production efforts to ensure highest quality standards
  • Created sell sheets, promotional mailers, display graphics, and consumer literature to enhance market presence for innovative line of logo-imprinted and traditional office products
  • Produced full-color in-house newsletter for employees

9/86-11/91 Sales Administrator, Daner-Hayes, Inc., Wayland, Massachusetts
  • Customer service, product marketing, inside sales, and telemarketing
  • Designed sales lead reply form increasing replies 300%
  • Directed marketing projects utilizing telemarketing, targeted mailings, trade shows, and sales meetings



Dreamweaver MX
Adobe GoLive!
Expression Engine
Adobe Acrobat
Urchin WebMetrics
WebTrends Enterprise
FunnelWeb Enterprise
AdVert PRO Advanced
Arles Image
Languages HTML; CSS; PHP; Cold Fusion; JavaScript; limited SQL; UNIX commands
OS Platforms Windows Vista/XP; Mac OS X; Red Hat Linux; Unix System V
Hardware IBM PCs including Pentium graphics workstations; Microtek ScanMaker E6; Unix System V Xterm; MacIntosh PowerPC, iMac
Photographic Nikon D300, D70, F3, F; Crown Graphics 4x5 large format


Cold Fusion Certificates
Allaire Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts
Advanced Cold Fusion Development: 1999
Cold Fusion Fast Track Certificate: 1998

Master of Arts, 1985
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
GPA: 4.0; Colorado State Graduate Fellowship
Professional Internship in English certificate
Creative Writing Internship

Bachelor of Arts, 1981
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts
GPA 3.84; summa cum laude with Departmental Honors
Oxford scholarship; 1st place, 1980 Essay Contest

UMASS/Oxford Summer Seminar, 1980
Trintity College, Oxford University, Oxford, England



1991-1999 English and Humanities Instructor
Fisher College, Boston, Massachusetts
Department of Continuing Education

1983-1985 English and Humanities Instructor
Suomi College, Hancock, Michigan
Upward Bound Program, Summer 1985
Academic year 1983–1984

1981-1983 Graduate Teaching Assistant
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
English composition
Creative Writing



The HTML Writers Guild


"Absolut Urchin: The Best Keeps Getting Better"
Review of Urchin 5.0

"Urchin Rocks!"
Review of Urchin 4.0

07/01 New Architect (was Web Techniques)
"Know Your Visitors"
Infrastructure/Product Review, WebTrends Enterprise, FunnelWeb Analyzer Enterprise, and Urchin Pro

11/00 New Architect (was Web Techniques)
"Traffic Analysis for Busy Sites"
Product Review, WebTrends Enterprise 5.0

09/00 New Architect (was Web Techniques)
"Help Desk"
Answers to readers' Web development questions

Other Multiple publications
Philosophical articles, fiction and poetry


Available upon request